Frequently Asked Questions

Next day after pick up, between 9AM-5PM.

If you are a weekly customer, on your selected day between 9AM-5PM. If you schedule a pick up before 8AM, your order will be picked up that day between 9AM-5PM. If you schedule a pick up after 8AM, your order will be picked up the following day between 9AM-5PM.

Click "Sign in with email" then "Forgot password?"

You can enter any permanent special instructions in the Profile Screen by tapping on your address. If you have instructions for one order, you can enter them into the Additional information field of the Special instructions popup when you place your order, or on the "View Order" screen after you have placed the order prior to pickup. You can also fill out a "Customer Request" card and place on the garment.

Please contact our Customer Service line at 844-854-8868 or visit with problems such as:

  • My garment is damaged
  • I received someone else's order
  • You picked up or dropped off only a partial order
  • There are still stains on my garment
  • My garment is not pressed well
  • Comforter/blankets can be placed in any large plastic; garbage bag.

    If we are unable to deliver due to inclement weater, you will receive a text to notify you of delivery changes.

    Upon the sign up process, you will be asked to enter in your zip code and will be told in the next screen if we service your area. But don't worry! We will keep your email to notify you when we do begin servicing your area.

    Yes, simply set up a recurring order.

    You will receive a text from CD One if there are any issues/updates with your order.

    Please place your clothes that you want cleaned and pressed in the gray "Clean & Press" bag and place your items you want cleaned and folded in the black "Clean & Fold" bag.

    You add your special preferences in the Special Instructions section of the application.

    Yes! Just let us know where you want us to pick it up and we will grab it for you.

    You will be notified via text that your order has been picked up, processed and then notified when it has been delivered.

    In the profile section of the application.

    No, there is no order minimum.

    In Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, and Riverwoods, Yes. In Western Springs, Countryside, and Brookfield there is a charge of $4.99.

    Charges for CD One Pickup & Delivery are billed electronically using the credit card entered in our app or web portal. Your card will be charged once all cleaning is done and your order is ready for delivery.